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    What is Environment Friendly Earthing?

Ash  has developed first ever GEL Earthing after a consistent R&D and is being manufactured & marketed from 1999. With over a decades of expertise and a true backing of 7-8 years of R & D has helped in evolve innovative cost effective & environment friendly solutions for your grounding requirements under the registered brand name SEE (Safe Earthing Electrode) & our special hygroscopic compound named back fill compound. Stringent quality controls adhering to international standard forms the hallmark of our product. This world class product is manufactured to replace the traditional methods of earthing and is a complete solution suitable to any application requiring high performance earthing. Ash  circumstances the inherent defects in the traditional earthing methods like corrosion, self resistance etc. Ash   Gel Earthing is dedicated to provide innovative, costeffective & environment friendly solution for your grounding requirements. Our proven experience with thousands of applications helped the Industries to save money by preventing damage to their valuable equipments as well as improve the productivity by dominating unnecessary downtime.

  Ash   Gel Earthing Aims At:

For any Industries & their valuable and sensitive equipment, the voltage difference between individual electronic equipment as well as noise & surges can harm those equipment. For this aims at to provide the proper and environment friendly grounding to stop electrostatic or dynamic discharge. Thus Aims at.
  • In Controlling Radio Frequency Emissions & Electromagnetic Interferences.
  • Maintains a stable reference potential for instrument accuracy.
  • Providing a easy discharge path for short circuits and lightning strikes (fault current/surge protection).

  • Gel Earthing Electrodes are the genext development in the Earthing Technology. Ash  is the name of innovative ideas for the new method of all type of earthing. Ash  is the only reliable & proven name for the any earthing solution. creating the ideas with making GRID, MESH & TRI-POD as well as Faradey/Octopus earthing solutions. Our Gel Earthing can be safely used for the grounding point for lightning protection system.

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