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  Gel Earthing Electrode:

Maintenance Free 'Ash  ' Gel Earthing Electrode by utilizing metal alloys and natural chemical compositions, the Gel Earthing Electrode is able to provide a multifaceted proactive earthing protection strategy. The Earthing Electrode is manufactured from custom-made I.S.I tube to ensure maximum conductivity and prolonged service life. The Gel Earthing Electrode contains a conductor rich crystalline mixture that will protect the main earth electord in the soil. This will ensure a highly conductive state for the fault current to pass on to earth.

Earthing is very important area of electrical engineering maintenance. In most cases it fails due to corrosion of the pipe. Therefore Earthing Electrode can be used for effective earthing, which will ensure safety to human life, appliances, machines, equipment's etc., Earthing is absolutely essential and it is mandatory by various electrical department

A good and continuous effective earthing is of paramount importance. Ash  Gel Earthing Electrode is most effective product for earthing.

Thus Ash  Gel Earthing Electrode is totally maintenance free solution for many years and is suitable to any application required high performance earthing.

  Earthing Backfill Compound:

Our Ash  Gel Earthing having a strength named Back Fill compound (B.F.C.), our unique back-fill-compound is a combination of natural earth minerals, which having hygroscopic property to retain the moisture for a long time. During installation with proper water pouring, our powder B.F.C. convert into the ‘gel’ and its quality to retain the moisture upto twenty times its dry volume as well as it create a gel layer surrounding of our electrode, our back-fill-compound is a combination of totally corrosion free and highly conductive & non-corrosive minerals.

  How It Play The Important Role:

Our unique B-F-C maintains the moisture surrounding the Ash   Gel Earthing Electrode, which helps to create the balance & consistence ohmic value within the safe limit without any fluctuation of results, as a safeguard of equipment.
  • As well as its layer works as a highly conductive path to pass the fault current, noise filtrations, resolve the problem of earth to neutral voltage difference and supported to active/passive lightning protection device too.
  • It, also helps to give the life to our Ash  Gel Earthing Electrode through its layer between electrode & direct soil, so mimise the chances of corrosion.
  • This enables the ‘compound’ - electrode interface, that expands and contracts thus reducing the surge impedence (when charged the B-F-C zone, becomes highly positively charged zone as well as gives the cathodic ray protection to Ash  Gel Earthing Electrode.

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