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  Beauty of installation:

  • It is recommended to install in clay or highly humid soil.
  • Make a pit preferably of 6-8 inches dia upto appropriate length of Gel Earthing Electrode.
  • Put the in vertical positions in the pit with the connection terminal on the top.
  • It is recommended to fill back-fill-compound surrounding of Gel Earth- ing Electrode mixed with proper water pouring simultaneously.
  • Normally 2 bags of back-fill-compound is recommended for our Gel Earthing Electrode but in some case i.e., Rocky Area, bag can be varries.
  • Make joint with suitable copper wire/strip or G.I. wire/strips carry for earthing from your equipment etc. upto the earthing terminals provide on the top of the Gel Earthing Electrode. Beware, don't hash on the while handeling and installation, do not use hammer etc.
  • Put the chamber with the cover over the Gel Earthing Electrode & even petroleum jelly on the exposed part of Gel Earthing Electrode i.e., terminal.
  • Do proper water pouring upto 6-7 days after Installation.

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